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Rod Taylor


Rod Taylor. What a hunk. There, I said it. There was a period in the '60s when I could sit in front of a teeny tiny black-and-white TV and watch 
Sunday in New York every single time it was on. Jane Fonda said it was the first time she really enjoyed making a film. Wonder why. There was something about that Australian accent (he tried to hide it, he really did) and easy smile that got me and Jane going. I watched it recently and also understood that I was attracted to the New York it depicted, the snappy theater dialogue, the goofy hijinks, the preposterous love story. (See The Tender Trap for another of its type.) Rod Taylor made a lot of very different films, and I see his last role was as Winston Churchill in Inglourious Basterds. Yeah, well. Times change. People change. But film is forever. Thankfully. Rod Taylor was 84.


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