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Franz Wright


Roses are red, violets are blue

James Wright won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, 
and his son Franz did, too
Now, many a poet has did what they done

But never before had a father and son!

As for their poems, though a proud English major
I admit that I'm not the most qualified gauger

On the other hand, if there's a question to answer

Regarding your chances of surviving cancer

Especially the kind that you get in your lung
Before you have even reached sixty years young

Then I am your guy, though somewhat prematurely

I put Franz on my list a full twelve months early

After all, he'd been ailing since twenty eleven
How long could he stay in the slow lane to heaven?

At times it must have appeared I was stalking

The author of that book of poems called Walking

To Martha's Vineyard, for which he commanded
The Pulitzer Prize, just like his old man did

Roses are red, but as happens too often

The only ones he's got are covering his coffin

I've never seen London, but I clearly saw Franz
And since no one else did, have a solo on my hands

It was way back in May that he ended his journey

Giving sixteen big points to our own Gerard Tierney

--Gerard Tierney

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