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Anne Meara


The obits said first, obnoxiously, Jerry Stiller's wife! Ben Stiller's mother! When the obits were a little better, they said Jerry Stiller's wife and comedy partner. There are so many wonderful memories I have of Anne Meara, actress! Anne Meara, comedian! And now, when I look her up to write this thing, I am surprised at things I had forgotten. The wonderful indie film The Daytrippers. Fame and Lovers and Other Strangers, New York films that used her talents wisely. Those nights on Ed Sullivan. Those Blue Nun commercials. Then there are the things I never knew. That she had stage fright, which led her to writing plays. That her mother committed suicide. That she had a gaggle of Irish girlfriends from St. Agnes High School whom she kept up with her whole life. I've heard wonderful, hilarious stories from people who knew her well. And even one from someone who met her at an industry function. Being congratulated on her new granddaughter, Ella Olivia Stiller, she said, "Too many L's, don't you think?" You can hear her saying it. Anne Meara was 85. Don't go to the light, ma.


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