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Alby Schultz


There aren't many in life who come tougher than Alby Schultz. While he waged many political battles in his native Australia—including one that saw him refuse to support his own governing Liberal Party in 2010 in a key matter regarding the privatization of that country's largest telecommunications and media company—he showed his true resilience through his various medical maladies. In the years leading to his death, he faced multiple horrific obstacles.

In 2003, Schultz lost an eye after an accident involving hydrochloric acid, but it did not derail his political career. Ten years later
, shortly before (and likely prompting) his decision to retire after 30 years as a public servant, he was dealt a series of devastating blows. In May 2013, he was diagnosed with both inoperable liver cancer and esophageal cancer. In July 2013, it was also determined that he was suffering from prostate cancer. Undeterred, he remained active, and, shortly after leaving politics, he joined the Waubra Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that concerns itself with research into the health problems of those who live in proximity to wind turbines. Schultz loathed wind energy, calling it "one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated (on Australians)." He remained a patron of the organization until his death.

On July 14, 2015, two years after the last of his devastating diagnoses, Alby Schultz died. He was 76. I, Allen Kirshner, get 8 points for the hit and 5 for the solo, a total of 13 points.

--Allen Kirshner

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