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Sandy Jardine


William “Sandy” Pullar Jardine was born on December 31, 1948. Growing up in Edinburgh, Scotland, Sandy (a nickname from his hair color) was a football (soccer) standout from his youth, when he was a fan of the Hearts (Heart of Midlothian Football Club). Signed by the Rangers in 1964, he made his debut as a defender in 1967 and played fifteen years for them. His stellar career included service with Scotland’s national team, which he captained nine times. He also managed for the Hearts.

Jardine came to the attention of deadpoolers in 2012 when he was diagnosed with liver cancer. A relatively young (for death pools) 65 made him an attractive candidate for those who can read between the lines of hopeful recovery stories.

Those players in the AO Deadpool are Deceased Hose, Gerard Tierney, and Mo. They get 12 points each (11 for the hit plus 1 for the trio).

--Deceased Hose

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