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Sally Farmiloe


Sarah "Sally" Farmiloe was a South African–British actress, born in Cape Town in 1954, best known for her role as the barmaid Dawn in the 1980s BBC series Howard's Way.

Who are you kidding, Wikipedia? That's pretty much all she was known for.

Hell, who am I kidding? She was even better known for her sensational affair with disgraced politician-turned-novelist-turned-disgraced-politician-again Jeffrey Archer, just one of her many high-profile lovers. That's no meager distinction in the U.K., where political mistresses are an institution on par with America's First Lady.

By 1996, well after her acting roles had dried up, Farmiloe had established a new career running an events-management company, building a name as a Conservative Party fundraiser. It was at one such function that Archer introduced himself by grabbing her breasts. The ensuing affair brought her unwanted fame when the details leaked to a tabloid three years later.

By 2002 she had settled down with a decidedly low-profile chap named Jeremy Neville, the father of her ten-year-old daughter, from whom she had split during her pregnancy. The marriage gave her a stepson. Somewhere along the way she also adopted the ten-year-old daughter of a friend who had died of cancer.

She received her own cancer diagnosis in 2012 and thought she'd beaten it, only to have it return and spread within a few months. In her last years she raised significant sums for cancer charities, including the royalties from her book My Left Boob—A Cancer Diary. She was planning a sequel when secondary cancer took her life on July 28.

Typical of our prudish media, her death was not considered newsworthy in the United States, no doubt costing speculators dearly in some lesser deadpools. Our game being international in scope, that detail fails to deprive Allen Kirshner, Allezblancs, Deceased Hose, Drunkasaskunk, Ed V, and Gerard Tierney of their full measure of points. The same cannot be said about Farmiloe's final struggle, which extended a fortnight past her sixtieth birthday, reducing that total considerably.

--Gerard Tierney

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