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Oscar de la Renta


Oscar de la Renta was the doyen of American fashion. (Usually it's "doyenne," but that's because usually it's a woman.) And as the doyen, he went out with a bangen. One of his last acts was to clothe the bride of George Clooney. That's People magazine cover territory.

Somehow, he knew all the right moves. Who to know, who to marry, who to give dinner parties for, and especially who to dress. (Yeah, I know it's "whom," but it just doesn't feel right.) Four FLsOTUS wore his clothes, and only the present one did it grudgingly. He knew the difference between runway fashion and real-life fashion. He knew how to be a couturier for the ladies of Park Avenue. He knew how to be a fashion icon on the red carpets of Hollywood. He knew how to use gossip columnists and Twitter. He had a couple of great marriages (both came with money and a great deal of it), a few great houses, and a ton of great friends. He knew how to have a great time.

And most important of all, until the day he died, he had a great tan.


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