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Mike Stepovich

It would be reasonable to assume that there are no living governors of a U.S. state prior to its statehood. That assumption is accurate now, but it wasn't before February 14, 2014, as the last governor of the Alaska Territory, Mike Stepovich, had still been among the breathing.

Born in 1919, Stepovich served three terms in the Alaska Territorial Legislature before he was appointed by President Eisenhower to serve as the territory's governor. During his one-year tenure, Stepovich dedicated most of his time toward campaigning for Alaskan statehood, convincing both Alaskans and Congress of the viability of the cause and even appearing on What's My Line? His efforts were ultimately rewarded when Eisenhower signed the Alaska Statehood Act on July 7, 1958. Stepovich resigned from his post to unsuccessfully pursue a seat in the newly-created Alaskan Senate, and his political career ended less than a decade later, following several unsuccessful campaigns for governor.

Stepovich died after a fall, and had been the earliest-serving governor prior to his death. Jefferson Survives receives 2 points for age and 5 points for solo, for a total of 7 points.

--Jefferson Survives

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