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Marcia Strassman


If there's one thing we can learn from the life of Marcia Strassman, it's this: never trust an asshole.

Most of us remember Strassman from the four years she spent playing sweet, serious Julie Kotter, wife and comedic foil of Gabe Kaplan's character on the show Welcome Back, Kotter. But her four years on Kotter were miserable, especially after she learned that Kaplan wanted her fired from the show. It was only after she eventually talked to a People magazine reporter in 1978 about the tensions on set that Kaplan realized they'd both been set up by producer James Komack, with each of them being told that the other loathed them. Kaplan was horrified; he had actually campaigned for more time with Strassman onscreen, thinking (rightly) that the show had become unbalanced in favour of the Sweathogs. He called Strassman and immediately cleared up the misunderstanding, and the two reconciled publicly on the Tonight Show; neither ever forgave Komack. Kaplan later said that Komack's lies were intended to divide the cast so that they'd rely on Komack, the "big daddy," and not each other.

Luckily Strassman's time on Kotter didn't discourage her from acting. She got steady work (including co-star billing in the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids franchise) until she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007.

Marcia Strassman died of her cancer in Los Angeles on October 24, at the age of 66. It's up Drunkasaskunk's nose with a rubber hose for picking her in the AO Deadpool and picking up 16 points.


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