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Jim Bamber


Jim Bamber was born in Preston, Lancashire, U.K., in 1948. After studying at Harris College of Art, he moved to London to pursue his artistic career. He worked for numerous publications, including Car Magazine and Autocourse, achieving fame as an editor, illustrator, and cartoonist for the sport of auto racing. His caricatures were well known among racing enthusiasts.

He had been battling cancer for some time, but in November 2013, an article stated that he could "no longer make cartoons" and had "taken a turn for the worse." This brought him to the attention of a few deadpoolers (more on the east side of the Atlantic than on the west), who found him attractive for his relative youth (66) but also for the fact that he was famous enough to qualify as a celebrity but not so famous as to garner many picks. With his death, Deceased Hose scores 16 points (11 for the hit and 5 for the solo).

--Deceased Hose

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