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James Brady


James Brady was Ronald Reagan's press secretary in 1981 when he took the worst injuries from John Hinckley Jr.'s attempted assassination of the president. Every network except CNN claimed he died of head wounds in surgery. Despite the wheelchair and speech problems, he remained in his position for Reagan's full term, with assistants.

After many years of lobbying led by Brady's wife Sarah, in 1994, President Bill Clinton signed into law the Brady Act, which requires that background checks be conducted on individuals before a firearm may be purchased from a federally licensed dealer, manufacturer, or importer.

In 2000, the Press Briefing Room at the White House was renamed after Brady, as the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room.

James Brady, a longtime aide of politicians, died on August 4 at 73. Busgal gets a solo and 13 points with a hit she's been playing since she entered the AO Deadpool in 2007.


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