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Gough Whitlam


Australian politician Gough Whitlam, born in 1916, served as his country's prime minister from 1972 until his controversial dismissal in 1975. A towering and outspoken figure, he became leader of the liberal Labor Party in 1967. After two decades of conservative Liberal (confusing party name, I know) rule, Whitlam channeled frustrations with said drought into an "It's Time" campaign that successfully returned Labor to power.

As prime minister, Whitlam implemented numerous social reforms, such as ending military conscription, increasing rights for Aborigines (native Australians), and outlawing racial discrimination. He was also one of the first heads of state to begin ties with the People's Republic of China's government. His reforms, though bold moves at the time, are now an accepted part of everyday Australian life.

However, Whitlam struggled economically, and was further burdened by a scandal-ridden cabinet. Following a 1974 election in which Whitlam retained power but Labor failed to retain the Senate, he attempted to pass a budget bill, to no avail due to Liberal opposition (said blockage was an attempt to provoke Whitlam into calling another election). A constitutional crisis was triggered, but Whitlam refused to compromise. The crisis culminated on November 11, 1975, when he was dismissed by Governor-General John Kerr, who instated opposition leader Malcolm Fraser in Whitlam's place. The dismissal remains an important (though not the sole defining) aspect of Whitlam's divisive legacy, and his animosity toward Kerr never waned, although he eventually became close friends with Fraser.

Being a 98-year-old widower who resided in a nursing home made Whitlam a likely, if not very lucrative, prospect for a hit. Drunkasaskunk, Jefferson Survives, Kixco, and Philip each receive two points for predicting Whitlam's ultimate dismissal.

--Jefferson Survives

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