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Gabriel Garcia Marquez


The family tree in One Hundred Years of Solitude is a very necessary part of the book. When most of the characters have a variation of the same name, you need to consult the front of the book when one of the Jose Buendias is fucking his aunt. At least I had to when I was a kid. Gabriel Garcia Marquez was the greatest living author. Now that he is dead, he may be considered to be one of the greatest dead authors. He did not invent magic realism, but defined it with flying carpets, old men with wings crash-landing, and soothsayer parrots. He won a Nobel Prize for Literature, too. I just wish he had not written that creepy pedophile book at the end of his life and given us more of his autobiography. He'd been sick for a few years and could no longer write. I'll take the points, though.


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