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Barbro Kollberg


Barbro Kollberg, Swedish actress on stage and in film, was born on December 27, 1917, in Eskilstuna. Kollberg worked for several theaters in Stockholm after graduating from the Royal Swedish Dramaschool. In 1945, she became director of the national theater in Stockholm (with Lorens Malmstedt), filling that post until 1959. She later worked in theater and taught acting in Norrköping-Lidköping and in Göteborg. Her films included Ingmar Bergman's 
Det regnar på vår kärlek (It Rains on Our Love) in 1946 and Så som i himmelen in 2004.

Kollberg married writer Guido Valentin in 1942, and remarried to Åke Hildestrand after Valentin's death in 1952. She died in Stockholm on March 6, 2014, aged 96. WEP bids her a fond "farväl," receiving 17 points for the hit (2 for age, 5 for solo, and 10 for Daily Double; his other March 6 hit was Maurice Faure).


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