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Asta Vender


Estonian artist Asta Vender was well known to at least three generations of children as an illustrator of children's books. She illustrated more than 200 children's books, including Sõnni SiimTimbu-Limbu, and Himplike ja Pimplike.

Born Asta Salurand in Tallinn on September 1, 1916, she received her degree in graphic design in 1950, then joined a freelance artists' guild in 1952 and began working for several institutions and publishers. In the 1960s, she worked for the Estonian book publisher Eesti Ramaat, and then freelanced again from 1969 until the end of her life. An honorary member of the Estonian artists' guild, she wrote and illustrated a book published on her 90th birthday. She died on March 26, 2014, in Tallinn. "Hüvasti," says WEP, who gets 7 points for the hit (2 for age + 5 for solo).


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