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Anthony D. Marshall


Anthony Dryden Marshall was a very bad guy. How do I know this? Because ???Mystery Guest had him on her list, and she only has bad guys on her list. (Koko-Moxie was in on it, too.) Marshall was the only son of Brooke Astor, and, along with a lawyer, swindled her out of millions when she was gaga with Alzheimer's. In his well-heeled lifetime, Marshall was a CIA operative, an ambassador, an author, a Tony-winning producer. In other words, entitled. The world was his fucking oyster and it wasn't good enough for him. When asked, if he had it to do over again, would he have done things differently, he had a one-word answer.


When writing this, I suddenly remembered that I had done his mother's update. So for old times' sake, from 2007, here is Brooke Astor by me:

"Brooke Astor gave a lot of money away to public institutions that define New York as the cultural capital of the world. But then she re-read 1984, and the vision of a world without access to books convinced her that there was no more important cause than that of The New York Public Library, so from then on, she concentrated her efforts there. It was pretty simple. She loved books and thought that every single person in New York should have equal access to them. No money down. We all remember our first library card, so let's not forget people like Brooke Astor who make sure libraries remain open to all who need and love them. And may all those people who committed elder abuse on her rot in hell without a thing to read."


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