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Alicia Rhett

Scarlett O'Hara said "Tomorrow is another day." Before her death on January 3rd, Alicia Rhett had more tomorrows than any other actor in a named role in "Gone With the Wind."

Rhett was discovered by George Cukor, who spotted her in a stage production of "The Recruiting Officer." In her only film role, she played India Wilkes (the sister of Ashley Wilkes). She determined that there were no more promising roles for her in Hollywood and returned to her longtime home of Charleston, SC, where she became an accent coach and radio announcer and turned her hobbies of sketch artistry
and portrait painting into a vocation. A distinguished illustrator and painter, Rhett was a noted contributor to Carolina Art Association publications.

Alicia Rhett was 98 when she died. Worm Farmer gets 7 points (2 for the hit + 5 for the solo).


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