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Albert Reynolds


Albert Reynolds served as Ireland's taoiseach (prime minister) from 1992 to 1994. Prior to entering politics, he was an accomplished businessman, with his ventures ranging from dance halls to pet food. He held an array of ministerial positions throughout the 1980s, under the premiership of Charles Haughey. Reynolds's political career seemed doomed after Haughey dismissed him as the result of an attempted no-confidence motion. However, the scandal-ridden Haughey resigned following unrelated controversies, and Reynolds succeeded him as taoiseach.

Reynolds's tenure was brief yet tumultuous. An independent risk-taker, he showed disdain for coalition governments and poorly handled his cabinet, both of which factored into his short-lived administration. His most highly regarded accomplishment was accelerating the Northern Ireland peace process. Northern Ireland was ravaged by the Irish Republican Army, which used violent tactics under the belief that all of Ireland should be united. Reynolds got along well with the United Kingdom's Prime Minister, John Major, and after much negotiation the two men issued the Downing Street Declaration, which led to an IRA ceasefire.

Of greater interest to deadpoolers, however, was his diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. His son revealed in late 2013 that the elder Reynolds was now receiving around-the-clock care because of it. The three poolers to take note were Another Lurker, Gerard Tierney, and Jefferson Survives, who each receive 6 points (5 for age, 1 for trio),

--Jefferson Survives

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